my first input rejected

why my logo rejected, any advice from the master,? first time using this marketplace.

You have designed an amazing logo, i don’t know why it got rejected? Please tell who rejected this logo?
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Hey @rievian please post your logo with some sort of protection (an Watermark is perfect). Someone can steal your work if you post it on PNG format

i love your logo i don’t know why reject

thanks for your advice about watermarking, why this site not give specific reason why we can be rejected.

Its only 20% chance that your logo would approved by graphicriver now days,
no matter how good your design…
I’ve been uploaded so many logo since 5 month ago and just about 13 logo
that got approved.


@Kurt_HRP Thanks for your informations, do you have any other website recommendations? I have a lots of unused branding designs

Certain top authors get approval fir multiple items slmost daily. Check top authors list and you will see it for your self.

I found problems with your logo
car and text and slogan not align to artboard center

This can be the reason for rejection

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The car is more an illustration than a logo. It has very small details that can not be seen at small scale. A logo shoukd be simple as much as possible. The text is not matching your logo symbol, classic dies not mean car!! Check approved items and try to see why they are accepted and follow logo design guides and principles. Good luck

thanks for your feedback, I tought i’ve centered my design, and i don’t know if it’s can be some reasone to rejected. thanks.

thanks for your feedback. for the typography I just try to make vintage logo can aply as regular logo. i’ll try to more straight further. thanks

Dude, u cant use any names and slogans with official brand rights.
Rename Porsche to Classic “Dealer service” or btw.

Good luck!