My first HTML5 Template was rejected

My first HTML5 Template was rejected and I don’t know know why. I put lots of time, lots of effort into it. I am so upset. I spent all my last 2 months into it and finally, I got this result

Except for the external resources like jQuery, bootstrap etc, everything else I coded myself and didn’t copy anything from anywhere. Even the documentation, the template preview, contact form, map; I created myself. After all of these hard works, I got this result from Envato which is feeling like killing me.

Here is the demo link:
Here is the documentation:

Note that, in the preview, I combined all CSS, JS into 1 file respectively. But, in the uploaded package, I keep as they should be.

Here are a few screenshots of my uploaded theme files.

Can someone tell me the reason, Envato didn’t mention any reason in the rejection email. Is it a design issue or something else? I am exhausted!

  • typography is not great esp. the cursive headings but generally it needs work too

  • design generally feels a bit outdated

  • team flip cards break on turn over (text overlapping icons)

  • repeating content like partners feels unfinished

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Thanks a lot. I will work on these points you stated. I know it will waste your time but it’d be great for me if you could tell me a bit more about the Team Flip Cards. Maybe a screenshot would be good to make me understand.
Thanks again.

Icons need a BG otherwise names show through

Oh My God! It is not like that on my Computer! I should have checked from other as well! On my computer it looks fine.

Thanks a lot, buddy.