My first html template is waiting for approval - Please guide

im new in themeforest
After about 1 month, I succeeded in designing a beautiful template ( html )
I sent the template to themeforest and wait for approval
Please tell me, may this template be approved?
Does it have the required standards?
I would be thankful if you guide me and tell my weaknesses
thanx :heart::blue_heart:

see demo:

With respect I would be almost certain that this will be rejected.

  • The design is in a super crowded category. If you want to submit another one pager then you have to have flawless and original design and functionality.

  • blog posts don’t actually link anywhere

  • basics with spacing and typography could be improved

  • generally, the design needs quite a bit of modernisation and focus on attention to detail

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Thank you for the valuable tips
Do you mean that I should not Design “one page” for the first item?

About the blog post section
In most “one page” templates do not actually link anywhere
For example, the last one-page template is in the background

About the spacing and typography
What are these principles? Is there any training in this case?

About the modernisation and detail attention, Can you explain this a little more?

Thanks again for your attention

  1. You can design what you want but if you want to take on the most crowded category on the marketplace then you have to bring something unique that stands out

  2. Whether others do it or not does not make it any less important and best practice. This is a premium marketplace where you have to create something which warrants people paying for it. Right now (again with respect to your work) it would not be difficult to find a free template with a more modern execution and features.

  3. Spacing, typography etc. are all things you can Google and find tutorials on. Noone here will be able to teach you to design.

I would suggest looking at hierarchy as well. Generally, the whole site needs to breath more and be spaced better, right now it feels very cramped with sections just piled on top of one another.

Modernisation is all about using design to set the site apart and display quality. Many (not aiming at yours specifically) items which get rejected here are often basiclly just a Bootstrap framework with a bit of styling applied, rather than a structure, layout and execution which either serves a functional purpose or tells a story, nor which uses new coding and techniques to take the site to a new level

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