My First Figma UI template got rejected

Hello Guys,
I started designing for ThemeForest and my very first template got rejected. Can you please check this and give me some advice that how i can improve it to the Themeforest standard?

Here is the Figma Design link: Figma

First thing I noticed that a template is bad organized, second that you have gotten “Shop List”, “Shop Page”(I guess this page should be renamed), “Shop Single” - it is the same category so there must only one page named “Shop” and all dedicated pages inside of it.

Style Guide page is very bad organized.

The same components that changes a little must be variants or follow figma naming rules.

Cover images must be removed it is do not dedicated to user cover images is used only for your item preview.

Naming - your biggest issue all layers must be named easy understandable and navigatable, for exaple you has page with name “Blog and other pages” I think that should be named just “Inner Pages”.

And I can talk a lot more…