My first classical track



Hello there!

This is my first classical track that just got aproved on Audiojungle…I would like to hear some opinions from authors that have alot expiriance in classical music.All i ask is to be honest and try to give me some advice how to improve my work…
Thanks for the feedback!

Romantic Journey


Sounds great to me, I can easily imagine this being used on a TV insurance ad (one of the heartfelt ones, not the wacky mascot ones) :smile:


hey Nikla, maybe u do not know but they may close your thread as they will consider that u are self promoting, since your item has been approved , i just wanted to let u know :slight_smile:


Well i can put the soundcloud link then if it’s not allowed?


hey Nikola, don’t worry anyway if they find out u are they will close the thread , this is that simple lol i think that sound cloud link is ok ut i am not sure because somehow some way it amounts to the same as u are displaying to all an item which has already been approved , which they cazn potentially assimilate as self-promotion lol but never mind, i just said because i wanted u to be aware that they may close the thread that’s all, in mind my case i don’t mind and would be happy for you if u can sell some sales from here :wink:


indeed, i think it has even a wilder potential and can be used for many other kind of activities and i hope Mega Music gets good sales out of this beautiful track