My first brochure / portfolio on graphic river

cheers… my first architecture brochure portfolio is now on graphic river… too happy…!!!

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and you don’t know the tradition here?

come on.

When first brochure is approved it’s fine, you are happy, we are happy, Russia is not happy (FIFA and this things)… but when brochure is sold first time… o ho ho my firend -> you are buying bottle of vodka for all Envato team - and for me because I this is my idea :slight_smile:

Congrats :slight_smile: hope you feel the joke. :wink:

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Thanks novocaina,

But i don’t drink. lol and my brochure sale for 6 time in this month. cheers

no problem - I drink :slight_smile:

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Congratulations, the item looks great however there is a lot of spelling mistakes in it haha

I too like vodka!