My First Ad Banner Design Rejected

Hi there everybody,

My first upload was rejected due to not enough quality bla bla bla… Can you please give me advice about what is the problem?

You can check project from here :

I think only grey background and pretty girl that’s not enough for approved. It looks boring. Try to add more graphic elements to make your banners unique and creative. You need just explore envato marketplace. Check which items are popular, trendy, bestsellers, to understand what the purchasers want and need. And be inspired! :^)

i disagree with the grey background also shop now/ is little big , good luck friend :slight_smile:

ok it’s boring i accept so what’s the problem with this :slight_smile:


The 2 design i think the problem is texts, & the Layout ! some designs text is to small & others is little big, try to align shapes & text to. good luck bro