My f letter logo rejected can help me

We create f latter logo but hard rejected

Please give me some guideline how to improve logo design skill

hi I am sorry to tell u just this but here this is not a logo that I see at this stage. The fact of the matter is that , right now, this rather looks like a couple of elements pasted right next to each other , if u ask me … The forest problem is thus, as u can guess that there is no guideline and homogeneity here. Indeed, u have an illustration completely disconnected wit the text parts both in terms of colors, style, typo and so on … One of the most disturbing thing for me here is that the logo is also very misbalanced with something spreading much vertically speaking and being sort of narrow and uneven horizontally speaking, in the meanwhile. There is also a matter of proportions if u ask me … the illustration is overly prevailing, the name is sort of intermediary and the tagline is close too invisible until u may wander why putting it if this is to have it so very discrete like it is right now … The typo is globally kind of clean but also really flat and I guess that bringing the typo to the next level with more variations , more font combinations and some possible touch of originality would definitely help to generate some real relief (that is missing this far). I guess that the coherence and guideline must transpire from the typo too … I believe that choosing something closer from the illustration as far as shape and style goes would create more harmony, undoubtedly indeed. The color must be echoed form one part to the other also , at the moment, u have the black color coming out of the blue and having no link whatsoever with the illustration in the end. I think that u will also identify that there are problems with the style of what u have right now. The style is globally too simple and redoing the logo takes no particular skills and does not require spending some significant time, in other words, the bottom line is that the logo has a rather low commercial potential to say the least and why accepting a file that is felt as having very low commercial potential in the first place. people need to feel like they will save time out of buying so that the logo breeds some desire from buyers to buy it, or , this is option 2, the potential buyer must feel like they will offer something in the next graphic design level if they buy rather than do buy themselves and this is not what happens here. Still more or less “style related” the logo as such looks misbalanced and most importantly misaligned, this is obvious why and this is obvious that this is just a feeling though u have to deal with it and change it so that the interest from people can increase and that the work u have here looks more professional , too