My EPS files are not detected


I try to submit my vector design but I always have the same message :
Main File(s) is required
Main File(s) The system did not detect a compatible EPS file in your upload. Please ensure your submission contains an EPS file, saved as version 10 or earlier.

But I uploaded my main files, it’s a zip file, it contains EPS files saved under Illustrator CC 2017 that I just updated… I don’t understand why it’s not working, and I’m losing my patience now.

Thank you for you help.

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Are you sure you’re saving it as EPS version 10?



Thank you, I found the solution the same time I received your answer… The first time I uploaded a file, it was in an earlier version, so I didn’t think it could be just to change the version. Thank you.


thanks , finally i got solution with your answer,

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