My envato WordPress theme is incompatible so I can't upload it

I purchased an envato WP theme via, called “applauz”. When I try to import it to WordPress to apply it to my website, I received a message that says that the theme is incompatible. Can someone help me, please?

What is the actual error you get? What is the hosting you are trying to install it on? Are you sure you are only trying to install the theme and not the entire download? Is by @BoldThemes who are a very established author so it seems unlikely that the theme would be problematic

It asks me to upload the ZIP file, so that’s what I do. Here is the screenshot:

That sounds like you might be trying to install the whole download and not only the relevant zip

Try opening the zip you are trying to install and check it’s not got all the documentation and other folders in there

There should also be documentation with the download that will cover the process

OK thank you!