My Envato Sticker Arrived

Hello Envato Community,

My Envato Sticker Finally arrived in Tunisia and it looks nice,

Dear @KipaLoops, @NamiNatasha, @Clara-Music, @AsterionSounds, @AN2-studio, @Brandacity, @HuskyStudio, @JeriTeam, @odiusfly, @BoldThemes : You’re all the welcome to share a picture of your Envato Sticker :wink:

Thanks Envato!


Hi, why did you receive it? I’d really love to have one on my Macbook too. Btw., congratulations for it. Keep it up as motivation. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Elitecode,
Thank you for your answer,
I won it here : 2018 New Year Greetings,
Unfortunately it’s over now, but there is always competitions like that :slight_smile:
Try to take always always a look at the Envato Forums :slight_smile:

Oh, I’ve seen it. But I sadly had absolutely no time to take part in any competition because I’m so busy working on my projects…

But one day, I’ll start taking part on Envato competitions. I’m a proud and active member of the forum and will so in future.

Keep your sticker on an awesome place. Don’t mess around with it. :joy:

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Yes, it was just only about posting a photo/text wishing a happy new year.

By the way @Elitecode you gived me a great idea about colling the sticker in my PC :smiley:

Thank you :wink:

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Congratulations! Waiting for my sticker too :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @celtano! Still waiting my envato sticker :sunglasses:

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Perfect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My Envato sticker arrived! Thanks Envato! :+1:

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Nice <3 Congratulations :smiley: