My Elements Annual Subscription Has Been Cancelled By Envanto?

Hi Community!

I am curious to know why my Envanto elements subscription has suddenly been cancelled by Envanto less than a week after upgrading!

I was tempted to go annual due to the WP additions which I was hoping to use for some projects starting this week but unfortunately Envanto have cancelled my account. Not heard anything back from support either
so I am kind in a limbo.

Any idea why this has happened? The money has been processed by my UK bank and cleared so I am quite confused and to be honest a bit annoyed because i have a ton of work to do!

I will update and let you know how this is resolved! Hoping for a customer delight outcome!

This is something you need to discuss with Envato support, forum may not be a good place

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Did you get any kind of communication to explain why it had been cancelled? Maybe an email saying your “subscriptions has been cancelled due to…”?

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The reason I am posting here is that I am receiving no response from support at all. I am based in the UK and they are in Australia (as far as I am aware).On the form it they will try to respond in 24 hours - its now closer to 72 hours, which makes me question if they even seen my message.

I am not here to Bash Envato as I love all the platforms and their products are an important part of my work but they have to understand that as a freelancer time literally is money.

Also not so bad if I had been refunded (I could buy the annual plan again) but my account has been canceled and my $228 has disappeared. I am sure will be resolved but I expect more customer care from a company of this size and stature.