My eighth project lower third was rejected.

Hello. My eighth project in the Lower Third category was rejected. I beg you to help me find a reason of rejection. So I need the tips and directions for this category.
Here is my project:

Also I have a great desire to learn how to create projects sold. But for the past four months I have nothing comes out. I ask you to help me to give me useful information.
My mail:
My other rejected projects:

P.S. Excuse me for my English I’m studying.

Wow your latest one actually looks really good. I guess reviewers are extra harsh to minimal design since it’s more accessible to more people and thus have a lot more submissions than other categories.

Why not try other type of projects? Good luck anyway!

[quote=“Voxyde, post:2, topic:13879”]
Why not try other type of projects?
[/quote]Thanks you. But what do you mean?

Well, any other style than minimal, you have your 3D stuff, particles, character animation, all that good jazz.