My Ecommerce theme was rejected

Hi I am new to building sites and themeforest. I had a web designer build my site and I told him everything I wanted but it was sadly still rejected. In the email it said that it did not meet the requirements and that was about it. I had a very hard time figuring out how to upload the zip files and themes and thumbnails. To be honest I didn’t understand most of it. I can really use some help. I would like to resubmit after I’ve made the necessary corrections. In the email it said that I cannot resubmit it. But, can I resubmit it if I change things? Please check it out and help me figure out what I should do.

You’d have to make significant changes to the extent it is like a new item. Going through a list and fixing issues is not a solution.

Out of interest this sounds like a quite odd approach as this is not really somewhere for people “new to building websites” to be submitting items…

If you have someone designing for you then does that mean you are responsible for coding this?

You are not just having someone design an item and then submitting that right?

Looking at this is a long stretch from the standard both in terms of design and code. As some points (far from everything and not a checklist to fix):

  • you can’t use trademarked and copyrighted assets (immediate rejection)

  • the code can’t be validated

  • lots of optimisation needed on mobile

  • the design and concept is not premium and could easily be found for free elsewhere online

  • the categories list is a weird mix and doesn’t work which feels lazy and unfinished

Okay I appreciate the feedback. I was interested in using this website and I’m having someone help me figure it all out. I did have someone else design it and all that. Thanks for you response. Ill take all of this into account.

If you are planning on selling items here then don’t forget it’s not just about having an item ready - you you need to be able to support it, update it, bug fix etc. If you rely entirely on someone else then this will get VERY expensive

what did you mean by the code cant be validated?

It seems ok now but earlier it was not registering in W3C

oh okay thanks!