my Design Was Rejected. Please Tell Me why.i can't Find My Problem.

at this stage it can only be a typo issue or teh fact that they may expect u to put a bit more into it … like adding some effects for instance … pls check the proportion for tag and title otherwise

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ok. Than’s for your Advice.

Honestly, it’s something anybody can do and it’s not complicated: just make an ellipse, subtract two shapes and add a gradient. I don’t want to sound mean, but if you want your logos to be approved they should look a bit more interesting. Play with different shapes and styles. And make sure you use a grid when designing the final logo, as this I can see some incongruences in the spaces in-between.
But don’t get discouraged, just keep practicing and trying and you’ll eventually get approved. Good luck, mate!

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I understand. Thank you

I’m no expert in logo design but as a viewer what I see is that the lighter gradient shade is somewhat matching the background and maybe because of that the shape is not able to standout.

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Thank you Fahad.

no there is no real issue of background in this case …