My design was hard rejected

Well, this was my third attempt on a different product and just like their predecessors, they were rejected. I would highly accept any critical remarks on the entry and help me understand what went wrong and will be more than glad to put your suggestions into considerations on my upcoming projects

You are asking for a help again, but don’t show your rejected item again

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"generic advice"will not help u , or just very superficially indeed

apparently it appears i posted before the picture loaded… sorry about that guys3%20green

It’s too overcrowded and hard to look at. It also looks quite flat, try adding some contrast and shading variation in the background (Adding contrast does NOT mean bumping up the “Contrast” slider).

The coin stock images you’ve used don’t match, and one of the coins is even cut off. If you’re going to use a bunch of gold items like this, they should at least use the same gold colour and look like they belong together.

Try making the QR code fit better with the colors and themes of the poster, simply cutting out a white square around it and slapping it on doesn’t look professional or thought out. As long as the code is visible enough and doesn’t have anything obscuring it, then it will work.

The white glows on the coins don’t look right, they shouldn’t be so apparent and so white. Use a light orange or yellow colour, then set the blending mode to Colour Dodge or Linear Dodge, and adjust the flow.

The main text is hard to read. I know it says “Saint Patrick’s Day”, but it’s hard to actually see that, especially when “Patrick’s” is broken up and obscured. The text is also quite flat, try some different colors, subtle texture, gradients, etc. As long as it’s not too small and easy to read, then you can be a lot more creative with it.

Date and start time should be close to each other so people can get that information quickly and easily, you don’t want to make people have to look around vital information like that. The most important thing for these flyers is the information, the rest is to grab attention and make people interested in the event.

One way you could reduce the clutter without actually removing anything, is to create a new layer and fill it with a single green colour, then mask it to the clovers, then just simply reduce the opacity of the green layer. This will help make the contrast of each clover and bit smoother, as well as hide unnecessary details, plus help with harmonizing it a bit more.

A way to make it pop and be more interesting is to add depth. Right now it all looks like it’s on the same plane, nothing in the background or foreground. Try things like have some coins be very large and slightly blurred near the edges of the flyer, like the coins are coming out at you, making them a bit darker also helps with the illusion. Try the same for the background as well, bu making them smaller. Use less coins, but have them vary in size. Imagine this is a photo taken in a studio, with the lighting focused on the subject, anything closer to the “camera” would be out of focus and not illuminated by the lights.

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hi well as for me, sorry to say just this, but i agree with @XioxGraphix as regard to the fact that the flyer looks sort of messy out of mixing too many elements and that they are - or at least look - disorganized. On eof the maor problems that i have with this one is that i just “can’t buy it” as the composition is not realistic in my view …shadows and lacking everywhere and light look superficial and spread frantically

i have already told u but the banner u made for time and date are just not looking good at all… they ruin the visual and u should once andfor all forget about them …

the footer is not coherent as a block and spacing are very strange. in addition, logos are too close from the edge and once again, as i told u last time, same goes with qr code …
in the upper part this is the same by the way …

i also do not have anything with parting the central text and displaying it in a creative way but this time, this is really too much in my opinion …

he fake logo is too flat or plain , too

i would personally tend to believe that if he had just applied a layer style to this text turned into “intro inline” the thing would have been much better with very little change …