My design .psd is good or bad?


I need check my design .psd for feedback my design if wrong, thanks.


I will give you 4/10 :wink: Overall Design is not so bad but there are lots of issues are there.

What is problem my design? I need fix it :slight_smile:

I like your team and portfolio filter section. They are looking good. As others my rating is 4 out of 10. Good luck.

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Thanks @nkishor :slight_smile:

Other author help me? please feedback thanks.

what happened nothing help me?

Its not at all ready mate, To be honest it looks copied. Like few sections from one theme and few from other. Please try to make something unique else you are just hitting your head on a wall

Many thanks, It’s closed. I wrong see other pages webs but I not want copy sorry.


I search pages not same website like other web themeforest. Many thanks for help me :slight_smile:



Will be soft rejected :grinning:

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I not think :smiley: I not submit themeforest :wink:

Closed on request of OP