My design psd, if it's ok?

Hello to all:

Please help me if it’s ok my design psd because I don’t know if my english if is ok… please give me comments thank you so much, regards.

Hey @JeriTeam, I haven’t been on here in a while, but wow you have improved since the last I saw!

I made a few comments on your preview, but ultimately I don’t think there’s much to do, as I think it’s pretty good already.

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hello @XioxGraphix

I am making new design but same topic but now this design is very old style like year 2014 and too basic.


Now my design is very good quality

I like it.
But in this case stay away from the black text, make it a red/pink to get more harmony.

I guess you will upload it on Themeforrest?
You got a big chance ( for the design ) to get approved but im not a website specialist.

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I will make more pages but not ready