My design is rejected. I thik little good.

It’s not premium item.

how can i improve ?

By time and practicing a lot.

ok. i will try… i want to be here.

hi, at this stage, indeed , the leaves are not realistic enough, and this is very difficult to identify what the small squares at the bottom are supposed to be all. Most importantly again, I assume u can actually understand that there is an issue when it comes to how this item is supposed to be used and what this is for, which basically amounts to the same … this is not enough of an artistic artwork indeed, nor is this a practical and useful item that maybe easily by many to implement their designs , so that this is decreasing gamely the commercial potential that this item may have … it also does not get any better as there is one more of a big issue as far as the preview goes. the fact of the matter is that this is supposed to be an interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential customer on the on the hand. But the preview item is not professional enough and is in no way value the work u have done and raising the interest of anyone for your work at the moment …

I understand . …