My design is always rejected. someone please tell me why ?

Hi, I was directed by the Envato qualification team to this forum, your comments were very useful for me, before I had uploaded a business card several times but continued to be rejected without knowing the reason If you may ask for help, thank you

The following items are rejected

hi as for me i like the white and black one indeed, this is globally a bit flat in terms of hierarchy as some info should pop out more but this is globally good in my view , though pay attention to 2 very important things … the website in the photo side and the tagline are hard to see and read … and in the other side yje alignment of the header is definitely not the right one actually … pull down this block and align it well with all the rest it will take your crd to the next level …

for the black and blue one i think the problem is that this style is way too common and already seen 10000 times already with the same kind of disposition, the same colors, the same kind of typo and global style … not to mention that even if we do not pay attention to this there are some things to improve too … icons are too basic , the dress being separated from the rest makes no sense at all … graphic designer should be a bit bigger and popping out a bit more than “simple information”. Otherwise the b side is completely empty … a line and a logo that does not even look good this is definitely not “selling” your card … still about the logo , pls opt for creating a decent one that will improve your preview and not the other way around … still more or less related to the logo … the information side is completely unbalanced between the left where there is nothing at all and the right part that is way more “crammed”

thank you for the suggestion. I will pay more attention to the proportion of my next design!

May I ask again for my design?