My design flyer is soft rejected please help me

Hi to all:

I not understand very good english but bad translate google, below message:

“Since your design is a center themed layout, please set all text to center aligned so when edited it stays in the centered layout you have designed. Please use the paragraph palette to set your text to center align.”

I hope you help me, thanks.

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Yep, easy one, and l am glad that one will get accepted, (you have improved a lot).

Ok, just click on the Paragraph tab, (up the top on my one) and then make sure all of your text is centre aligned, (icon showing lines, in the middle of lines left and right indexed, usually up the top of the Paragraph Palette).

EV, want it centered, so the customer can change it, and it will automatically be centered.

I tend to create a workspace for text to quickly check this and also spacing margins, (main header text may be out) just Youtube if for more info,.


Where icon? please help meeeeeeee


This shows the Character panel, with the PARAGRAPH tab, up the top, click on that and then the middle index icon, up the top, usually.

Don’t worry about the workspace, that isn’t important.


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I have a dude, paragraph up top all texts?

I think that I understand text center icon of paragraph. regards. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I understand for so approved my item :slight_smile: thanks for you help me @tmcom

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hi Jeri indeed , this is just a small deal, all you have to do si to make sure that all texts are centered and aligned in the middle. Once u are done, your item should basically been accepted and on sale in GR …

however, i would additionally suggest that u try to have a bolder font on the date and dj information, so that they are popping out a bit more and also so that u have a bigger hierarchy of information and people know more easily about the required information
have a nice day :slight_smile:


oh this is cool. your item got approved :slight_smile:

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I know already approved my item :slight_smile: regards.


@n2n44 please you feeback thanks :slight_smile: I want again approved.

yes but next time, Jeri, think about hierarchy of information too … indeed, to tell u honestly how i feel , your item could be improved about this , this is difficult to get to understand what is the important information when u first have a look at it , besides , to tell u more about this, u even have a bit of a problem this way … . Actually, despite your item was approved , u have a bolder information on some secondary information, when dj names look more important and most importantly dates are really not popping out, when this is more essential that what u tried to stress with a bolder info

for me there is also a major mistake that u made about it … do u realize that there is no club name out there ? basically there is no determined space for people to promote the place where the party is taking place …

this is fine, it could get approved but for next time, pls do not forget to keep this in mind

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hi Jeri, as for me this one is better than the other item that u had approved shortly ago … however, try to think about bringing a bit more effort to make the thing either more realistic and more impressive , worked out and visually attractive with some extra efforts. The main thing that is lacking in your item as such, this is depth. Try to drop some shadows to make a smoother transition between elements of the composition. Also i tend to believe that it would be a great idea to have a melted image in the back to either increase depth and to make the visual more worked out and appealing. I also tend to believe that there is a mistake as regard to hierarchy. Think about it , the name of the club is lower than the date and things like "open door are easier to read and notice than either the club name and date … besides i consider that u did not do purposedly that this is just due to colors from the gradient, but just pay attention on how colors are making the text underlined so that it all looks logical, readable and so on …

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Many thanks for you help me, I think that I need practice more flyer more better flyer for approved sell in graphicriver flyer, again thanks :slight_smile:

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Keep on fighting and doing your best Jeri
this is a very difficult work and it takes years to become an accomplished designer creating great things but, keep something in mind, to bring some attention and much work to what u do is the guaranty to take your game to the next leveland to make sonething more visually impressive

i can recommend Shaw academy courses and training for you to have increased understanding of what this job is all about

in any case, do not forget that practicing much and trying to do always better is what is going to make u develop your skills and proficency


Yes, I’m getting to accept my flyer, that really interests me the truth :slight_smile:

this should not, indeed, the only thing that u should care about is taking your game to the next level because, basically enough, when u do , approvals will logically come at the same time. let’s face it too, this is more and more difficult to sell in such conditions, continuously growing number of authors and items and all items being lost in the middle of nowhere in the process. Thus , the only answer for u is to bring oustanding works to the table. What is the interest to get approved anyway if your items are nowhere to be seen, if u cannot manage to get noticed and do not sell and logically then do not make any money …

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Thanks for letting me know but I did not know, I’m going to make new ideas to make money.

The Cathy Day Jays, (l think, hard text to make out) may be pushing hierarchy rules?

I have done some flyers with this issue, and l always pack in the graphic elements to separate the lower text group, from the main header, so it doesn’t get rejected.

So for Valentines, some hearts inbetween the main header and lower text group will do.

Lol, true, no better feeling than getting some work through, and an even better feeling to see sales.


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A question, you think my flyer dee jay is hard rejected? please tell me the truth, thanks