My CSS codes are getting rejected again and again without any explanation

Dear friends,
I’m very new on this website. I tried three different CSS items on this website but I got rejected every time without any sort of explanation. I went through all the quality related posts, watched several videos and did everything to make sure I don’t get rejected. But still I got rejected.

I created CSS codes with sass and my items are quite unique. I used all the vendor prefixes. Provided documentation on HTML format. I even bought another CSS item from codecanyon to make sure that I follow everything he followed. Still I got rejected.


Here’s an image of my last rejected item. All are animated loaders.
Where did I go wrong? It would be really helpful for me to go forward if you people can help me.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards

Just 12 CSS Loaders ?
I have not published a product yet, but I know that it’s better to make these items with more variety.

No bro,
Number count is not a matter I guess. I bought a loader pack and it has only 4 loaders. I can make hundreds of loaders that are common in the market but I preferred to give something different and unique using pure CSS.

I’m missing some of their standards. Maybe some experts can help me out.

It’s been almost a week but no help yet. Thought I’d get some idea here.

just a little try from my side please work on animation as like speed, effects. You must have to include a full clear documentation for the customer so that customer can understand and can customize according to thier needs. In CSS category both quality coding and quality design get priority to approve as like in HTML category. One more thing if you use any third party tools you have to give proper credit and have to check about license term.

Hello Bro,
Thanks a lot for your message. I’ve done everything you said. Here’s a link to the video preview I added with the files.

I followed each and everything they said in all their instructions. These are the files I provides while uploading.

  1. inline preview
  2. Codes (HTML, CSS, SCSS files with a small js file)
  3. HTML Documentation
  4. Preview zip
  5. Thumbnail
  6. Video preview

Still I got rejected. But I bought another loader that contained only 4 very basic loaders. Instruction was on .txt and .docx. I researched all the available loaders here and created these loader animations most of them are unique and hardly found. All are very smooth and created with pure CSS. In the video they don’t look very smooth though.

Don’t know what’s going wrong!!! :frowning: