My country was attacked this week.

Hi AJ friends,

You might have heard about the disgusting terrorist attack that happened in my country of New Zealand. I know that atrocities happen all the time around the world, but the impact this particular attack has had on us considering our size, culture and national identity is massive. Our country and people will never be the same again - I would go as far to say that our country is heartbroken.

I know music is important to everyone here - beyond the functional type that we create for this marketplace is a seed of something special. Something that moves us, inspires us, challenges us, and in times, comforts us. I sat down at my keyboard trying to process the day’s events and wrote this piece to comfort myself and others around me, desperate to say something of meaning in a time where a lot of important things seem trivial at best.

I wanted to share this piece with you all (it’s not perfect probably and wouldn’t pass the review haha) to encourage you all. The gift of music that you carry has the ability to do more than just sell products or back videos. In times like these, our art can be a bridge to a greater understanding of our world.

God bless you all!

Kris Singh
Singh Studio


No words required - emotional and powerful. Well done Kris.


Beautiful, Kris.

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I’m so sorry. There are no words of how crazy this world is it. I can not understand at all how people could believe that is alright to kill… there is no reason to hurt somebody because is different than me. There is no reason to accept any kind of hate… The society is many-colored, various and that is alright. I hate populism, I hate ignorance, I hate the fact, that people are so easy to manipulate them…
I’m sorry for my grammar but I’m a sensitive person and it’s enough for me… I’m very angry about this dumb society. Can’t believe that people are so selfish and they can’t think with more criticism… :frowning_face:

Wish you and for your country power, your music was very touching!
Layla from HoneyLoud


I saw the actual video. I am shocked and heartbroken, innocent people have died. Unfortunately accidents like this will happen around the world. We have to stay strong.

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Beautiful work! Be strong and don’t let fear control your life.

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I have no words to express how shocked I am. So much growing prejudice, hatred, intolerance… your composition shines a beautiful light on such a sad and horrible experience.

We need more love! :new_zealand:


I do not live in New Zealand, but I am heartbroken too. These things should never happen. We all should embrace love and tolerance and cooperation. I keep telling my friends how wonderful this community (Envato Community) is, where people from different countries/religions/political views share ideas, projects, interests, etc.

As a side note: since such topics usually can rapidly ‘go haywire’, please everybody keep in mind our community guidelines as you post:

We follow a few hard rules. Please DON’T:
Discuss politics, pornography, religion or competitive marketplaces.


@hevada thank you for your words. Was not my intention in the slightest to incite any sort of political discussion - should this occur please nuke this thread :slight_smile:

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Human madness is incredible sometimes, I am close to you @singhstudio and to the victims of this atrocious attack… Peace! :heart:


My condolences to you friend.

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I’m so sorry, congratulations on the song.
A hug and condolences from here in Brazil

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Very moving Kris. Thank you for sharing.

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