My Corporate Letterhead was rejected !

Hi guys, please help me find my mistake with this design. I don’t understand why it is not matched to the quality standard .Screenshot-01

Thank You

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Hi friend same case here. my design was correct according to my knowledge about envato standards but they rejected. don’t know why they are doing this.
Your design is also looking perfect!

Think about selling potential. Why someone will buy this simple letterhead. Anyone can recreate this in minutes. Also you have alignments issues.

Since the time I read, I read that there is enough of these elements

I got my reason of rejection. I think your problem is same as mine. Our designs was not a quality work. I saw some free templates those are much better then ours. I suggest you also that we have make some more attractive designs for selling. I hope you will understand.

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Dear Mustafa, Thank You for this comment.

Dear friend, I will be glad to you if you tell me specifically where the alignment problem is.

Thank You

The icons are too close to red element margins and looks cramped. You need to keep the same optical spacing between all elements and margins.


Also what if the customer have more information in contact area? He will need to modify or recreate the red element.