my content of my wordpress site is not available anymore!

I did an update and then the content of my wordpress site was not available anymore. when I clicked at the visual composer sign, they wanted me to buy the wp bakery, what I did. I loaded up the zip, it didnt work to load it up. I turned the old plugin from activ to not active, and it still didnt work.

Now my question: do I have to DELETE the old wp-bakery-plugin? Is it then possible to load up the new one?? Or will the site crash then?? I have to work on my site tomorrow!! So please help me soon!

Thanks a lot!

If the plugin was bundled with a theme then it don’t need to buy a new version and in actual fact that may not help as it is likely modified for that theme.

The author of the THEME is responsible for updating both theme AND plugin as you can’t “activate” auto updates on bundled plugins.

Bear in mind that your issue may be one of several things including making sure both theme and plugins are both up to date it also check the hosting etc.

The right person to ask for help is the theme author

ok, thank you so much for your answer… where can I find the theme author? I have no idea of doing these things, I only managed my own content…

Just login to your Envato account, look for purchased items, and you will see a support link for each item.