My component is always rejected.


I have this simple component used to draw some set of points, I am not sure why it is rejected, the demo page and the attached assets may need some enhancements but why I can’t submit it again? It is good to give some exact notes about the item. Please I need some comments.


I do not see a value at the item at all, what it does, how it can be used…

The basic functionality that it draws set of points you are passing. It is useful to map set of locations (lat/lng) I attached some demo how to convert set of lat/lng points to x,y points. You can use it for mobile app to show locations tracking, visited locations, travel path and it will be updated based on your movement as a radar style. I may didn’t provide enough docs/demos about the component, but the problem it is rejected at all even I do some enhancements as I understood from email

I think you have a very very limited potential customer base which does not generally suit stock marketplace items.

Either way you will need to find a way to extend functionality and features a bit and definitely improve the visual execution and delivery much much better