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I have a WP site. 2 years ago a wp pro advised me to change to WP Coach theme from Coachie. I need to update. The pro is no longer in business. How can I find the product code I need to update my theme.


Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect their purchase code


What if I don’t remember my initial username.

you can try to recover from here:

I think what happened is that the 1st time entered with my [redacted] email. With aonother username. Made the buy. And now made a new account with the same emailadress but another username.

So therefor if I try to recover the license number I get the response that I have not bought anything yet.

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Ingo Gravenberch

Hi @RVak,

You can only have one account per email address, so you must have used a different email – perhaps you made a typo. Since you seem to have lost your account, please open a Help ticket at the following link. They will be able to help you sort this out:

Side note – perhaps this “pro” you mention in your original post was the one who purchased the theme? Are you sure it was you? If they bought it rather than yourself, then you won’t be able to recover the purchase code.


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