My client cannot purchase their theme's license without an invoice.

Good day, I don’t know who to ask about this. My client cannot purchase their theme’s license without an invoice. They wanted me, their website designer to purchase the theme on their behalf. I trust this client 100% by the way. Now I don’t know whether to purchase the theme under my own name & details & then request a transfer of the license to the client after they pay me back, or to somehow purchase the theme under their details? Please could someone tell me what the correct course of action would be.

You need to get a new account with the clients details ( Tax, etc ) and purchase the theme within that account to get the invoice. Then you can send the invoice to the client to get your payment.
If you purchase the theme on your account, you cannot change the invoice details and the license is not transferable ( from one account to another )

Hi @Tara_Slade,

If you client need invoice on behalf of their own details then your client must have to create an account and have to purchase the license using that account.


Thank you!