My chances for approve, or rejecting ?

Up for reviewing track almost ready to go. So, my chances for approving ?
main track, intro, track with unsolved coda.
Comments, opinons, advices as for mistakes - welcome pls.
Aslo, tips for suitable category - I assume Cinematic obviously? adventure, or some romantic/lyrical?

BR :sunglasses:

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but chances is a bit too slim for this to go through. There is so much going on that i can’t understand, dunno even where to start to point some mistakes.

Hi Funk4Bucks, I think it will be rejected purely based on the muted trumpet sample you are using. It would be best to find a better sample and programme it to be more realistic before uploading. Also the rhythm feels a little awkward, it might be better to make it more regular and always think ‘commercial’! Good luck!!

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