My categories links are redirecting to the forum sections


I hope my topic is in the correct section. I have a theme I bought it from themeforest and I got an issue today which isn’t related to the theme but to wordpress. I used that theme many times before and never faced this issue except today

I have installed BBpress today and I am facing an issue which is my category links are being redirected automatically to the forums section.

here is my site if you click on news for example it is redirecting to the news section in the forums eventhough the news section in the menu is a category that has posts in it.

anyone can help me please?

How odd!

Even if it is directly related to WordPress, I would say that the author of the item is still the best person to reach out to…

The author isn’t replying to the comments in his support section since last week. I asked there but not expecting an answer so quickly…