my card, banner slider & flayer all are hard rejected but i can not under stand what can i do i open account since 8th months and still not accept one single time so please say me what can i do now an below i uploded itemse privewe if you whant to cheked.

Image-Preview Image-Preview Image-Preview

hi , as for me, in a general way this is rather cool, but the thing is that u have to pay much much more attention to everything that is related to typo in a general way, whether this is about bringing more originality into it, or also spacing, colors and hierarchy

the sliders are good example indeed , most of you texts do not have the right inter spacing indeed and this is creating sort of a “cork”, the typo and texts are not breathing to say the least, this is becoming hard to read and not as aesthetic as it could have been indeed. plus u have a mistyping in the presentation and pls keep in mind that all details matter

i like the chef cafe business card but honestly i have a small problem with 2 things, first of all this style has been much seen already and u would need to manage to introduce some originality into it. Plus, there is no way u illustrate cuisine in this card when this is supposed to be for a chef, hence , the trouble that u have to differ from the many cards in this style

for the gym fitness centre i think that one of the issue is this yellow u are using, this is hurting a bit eyes lol u have to put glasses on to see it lol kidding, though this is too flashy in this case, in my opinion the second part which is a bigger problem , this is the global organisation of the bottom, , it does not look harmonious in terms of lay out and once again the typo is pretty flat , your logo is a good illustration of this again as u used very plain typo inside in the end it does not look as good as it should have been. finally about this one, no text is springing out , the hierarchy needs to be reworked

the multi colour card is not bad in terns of style but alignment is very good , icons are too flat or common (they look like presets) and u have issues of spacing on top and at the bottom of the card , texts are too close from edges …

for me the chef card is good but the presentation is not as much as once again u have too flat a typo there and ruin a bit the good work that u have done apart from this …

the corporate business card is cool though u have clear issues of alignments that are really clear in the mockup preview that u made … check this out and modify, rework a bit the typo to introduce some creativity a bit and this one should make it i think

the last one is the same as the second one, right?

Thanks for feedback can i ask you something? so please show me a right way as you say my all designs are good as you say but sum alignment issue so enveto is soft reject but thay hard reject my itmes can you explean me a littel ? sos

have a look for instance at the first preview , the third sample, the block of text is too tight and the alignment and spacing are not appropriate

thanks please show me a right way what can i do

If I show you the right way to arrange your typo that’s means I did 90% of your work and you will learn nothing. You need to learn by yourself and struggle until your eye will tell you how to do it correctly.