My business card, what mistakes I have

My business card was denied. My relatives say that this type of work can be found for free. What do you say, what mistakes I have. Should I be notified by mail if my work is rejected by the graficriver? I’m not getting a message, isn’t that a problem?

hi for me the main mistake that we can see from the first glance is that this is a card sort of bringing nothing new to the table … there are countless cards in the same style as this one in the marketplace, lots of rejected items look the same as this card , too. Whether this is about disposition , shapes that u use, color combination, typo or whatever else this card inspires very much of a deja vu feeling , if u wish and in such a context where the marketplace is so very saturated in all categories , this is not so much of a good idea not to break with “usual submissions”. Aside from this, u have made multiple mistakes. First of all, the blocks of text on the left are definitely too close from edges, this is not breathing and the concerned info is not given the right environment “to shine” or to look outstanding indeed, this is looking like choking and consequently there is a quite negative impact on how the whole card looks in the end. Also despite u gave a style to your logo , this is not included and when u consider at what u are including inside the main zip file, we may regard the content as not being enough so to speak. The way the elements are positioned does not really makes sense when it comes to the z-shape reading process , main elements ending up not being necessarily places in the right areas where they get the most exposure and impact. The positioning of the logo in the logo side of the card is particularly doubtful indeed and same goes with the way colors are being appointed to information. Last name being less contrasting do not necessarily makes sense for example “your” being outstanding while “company” is hardly visible indeed , so there is sort of inverted hierarchy if u wish