my business card was rejected

Hello my friends … I send this business card and was rejected Can you help me know why

I like it overall, it’s different than what I’ve seen the majority of people post. Though I think the font choices aren’t the best, and the info could use a bit more space around and within it. Is the logo included? The name makes me think they lace their baking with meth. I think a few other slight adjustments could enhance it quite a lot, such as some slight colour tweaks, maybe a bit of a subtle texture or pattern, etc.

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hi indeed i like much the style and originality but there are small things that u could possibly improve indeed … the way “smith” and “bakery” are aligned does not look "logical ", your icons look like photoshop preset and i assume this is hard to make it here with this type of icon

well in the real world all i can tell u is that u see really way more surprising style for this activity (and for some others as well by the way), as for me i do not see anything shocking or really looking strange … especially as this is more bakery oriented (where everything goes) rather than bread shop only where the activity is more revolving around some specific symbols