My Business Card was Rejected, Why ?

hi, I was directed by the Envato qualification team to this forum, your comments were very useful for me, before I had uploaded a business card several times but continued to be rejected without knowing the reason If you may ask for help, thank you

The following items are rejected

You are trying to over-compensate which is complicating things

You would never need the hero logo and QR code on both sides.

QR shouldn’t be bigger than the logo on the front as it devalues the priority feature and prevents hierarchy

The logo on the back shouldn’t be there, is too small and feels very forced as does the QR code there

The contact details appear very small (hard to see on this perspective)

The abstract and wavy design is really really hard to pull off as it should be illustrated and calculated rather than just a shape being used to break up the design

Salam kenal dari logokamu, terima kasih sudah lihat vid saya di YTB…baik requestnya sy coba tampung hanya saja jujur saya tidak memiliki kemampuan dan pengalaman yg cukup untuk mendesain card, sy lebih sering mendesain logo atau illustrasi…Desain anda menurut saya keren, sedikit masukan saya adalah adalah penolakan mungkin berasal dari keberadaan QR code dan logo disana dan mungkin shape warna yang digunakan dalam card bisa dibuat sedikit lebih luwes…untuk text agak lebih besar dan mungkin di tambah sedikit tracking text supaya hurufnya tdak terlalu berdempetan…Sekian mohon maaf jika kurang berkenan…:slight_smile:

hi i have anwseered to your personal message sorry for the delay i did not have any internet connection indeed …