My Business Card Was Hard Rejected Why ?

Hi guys, my business card was hard rejected but I don’t know the reason. Can you guys please help me to find the issues for my future uploads.

Thank You

You’re going to have to give us a larger image.

Post the preview image that you submitted.

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lol this is definitely hard ti give u a real feedback with such a tiny preview lol what are u afraid of? that someone copies an item that could not make it anyways? lol more seriously, i wish we could see more clearly , however , for me this looks even with such a preview, rather obvious that this is kind of very classic what u are offering here and that there is a real lack of either graphic design, concept and / or originality … think about it, u are in a very saturated market where lots of things have already been done by others … so u really need to either push the envelope concept wise , to make sure that the thing is really worked out out visually or that u really bring something new in any way …

Your design style is outdated and it has no. selling potential. This type of business card design can be found for free all over the Internet. I don’t need a larger image to tell you this.