My Business card template got rejected!

I uploaded this design yesterday and received the rejection email today. Please guide me I don’t what’s wrong with my design. Help me!

Creative Business card - Google Drive

hi indeed, to be honest with u I see way more reasons for the item to be rejected than reasons for it to be accepted. Let’s get started
1- global style
this is plain, there is nothing really original and no real concept and basically enough there is not much graphic design in this product … look, once, u have taken out the logo, what do u have left in the main file? texts, a couple of flat and common icons and plain color shapes … as for me this is too light … pls see the next point …
2- low commercial potential
indeed, this is related to what I have just mentioned above. For the buyer to feel interested in what u have done and most importantly for him or her to buy it, they have to identify that they are either going to save some time out of buying, or, this is the second option, that they figure out that they can offer a graphic design product going far beyond their personal competence and skills. Sorry to say just this, but at the moment, with the item as such, none of these conditions are being on the table … so why would a reviewer actually accept a file that is felt to have a very limited - or even no - commercial potential at all? Not to mention that , to be completely accurate, indeed, such things would be easy to find for free download in the internet , which decreases the commercial potential again and is basically meaning that u need to push the envelope graphic design wise, so that u can ultimately generate some extra value and raise the desire of people to accept the file and also to buy it once this is included in the platform’s catalogue of products …
3- alignment
this is not a small deal to say the least as this is a basic design principle… I am not sure this is coming from the mockup or whatever but , right now, with the preview that we have here. the alignement of the logo in the logo side really does not seem to be the proper one and for the “b-side”, the one with the information this is not any better … the way the arcade and the logo are put looks very random and there is visual disharmony resulting form it . Besides the yellow bar and the logo close to it do not seem to be aligned also
4- contrast
I would not go as far as mentioning that u are violating this basic design principle but the bottom line is that some improvement is required to help some items of texts to pop out more than they do at this stage …
5- disposition
some texts in the information side are too close from the edge and there is negative impact visually speaking , this does not look and good and professional as it may look, pls see the next point for further explanation
6- breathing
the result of placing things too close from edges is that this is taking some breathing away and the elements lose exposure and impact , not to mention that this is creating some misbalance in the global organization
7- hierarchy
some things lok strange about hierarchy , like changing color in the same title or such things, I am conscious that most of the people do but this does not mean that this is right , especially when a part if becoming much more visible than the other one and in the end prevails over it
8- a-side
this is very empty u may wander what is the point of having a 2-sided card indeed

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. I never thought after spending months in Graphic Design still I don’t follow the Basic design principles.

u can rest assured some guys , after years still do not even know about them lol

I spent 25 years in graphic design and I can tell you I’m still learning

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yes, definitely and this is good that this is this way , most of us luckily still do it too, starting with me lol :slight_smile: