My Business Card rejected. Why? Help Please.

Anyone can do this without any design experience.

hi , indeed, there are many issues for this to be hard rejected

1- graphic work
u did not put much into it … all people knowing photoshop can redo this

2- weak commercial potential
as people could do easily and quickly the same, why buying?

3- the “fake logo” is not convincing enough for your card to look attractive and push people into buying

4- hierarchy issue
the function is cleary not outstanding

5- typo
you need to combine more, put more effort a bit into it and introduce some originality if possible, this is common at this stage. I think that the only combination u did between jonathan and doe is not working well

6- to have such an empty a-side or b-side i do not understand why it would require 2 sides indeed

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment n2n44

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