My Business card isn't at the quality standard Why?

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With respect the big A logo doesn’t work brilliantly

The typography esp hierarchy needs work

The icons are inconsistent spaced

It’s odd to have a design on the front and have the same one taking up half the back side too


@charlie4282 yes, you have a reason

@JAHIRULISLAMPAPPO Hey, it’s old style (shadow, background rounded, bad icons, typography, etc) but you need practice more I can give you for see any example approved graphicriver but not copy design, you can give new idea designs. good luck for you submit graphicriver, regards.


hi , first of all this type of style is really a commonplace … and a lot of them are rejected because a whole lot of things have been done in this style

u have alignment issues, indeed, texts and icons are not aligned according to a professional spacing. Colors are not combining super well. The typo is globally too flat and the hierarchy is not good enough this far . The logo and the website are too close. Besides the whole side is too empty …

besides the problem is that the whole card can be redone rather easily and i am questioning the interest to or commerciality of the item as someone knowing how to use photoshop may choose to redo and save money rather than buying indeed