my buainess card reject for quality standard

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I was thinking about getting business cards recently and this look is an option, but what is unappealing to me personally is the disproportionate amount of negative space in the lower right corner.

If you have a vertically longer logo, then you can cover that negative space, but then the problem is the two lines that come from the right side that will interfere with the logo. If you get rid of the lines and move a text bubble from the left side to the right side, then that negative space now occupies the entire baseline and is then abruptly ended by the two lower right lines. If you spread the text bubbles across the baseline, then you now have a chunk of negative space on the left side. If you get rid of the lower right lines outright, then you have no reason to keep the upper left two lines either which then makes the style inconsistent, so no matter what you try and do it just won’t be ideal.

hi first of all i do not understand what is the interest two have 2 sides if one is so very empty like this indeed. After this, as mentioned by @SoundStormLabs, there is definitely a lack of balance between the two parts on this side. icons are way too basic and turn out to be presets from photoshop and this is very unlikely that u can make it with such a set of icons … The fake logo is really too basic and brings nothing to the table in terms of aesthetics. The typo is clean but flat as well and i think that introducing originality and font combinations would be welcome