My blog is totally different from the Envato preview


Sorry if my english’s bad, but I’m french.

I bought the template Valenti, compared to the important price I paid, I thought I had the template key in hand, as in the “live preview”.

But as you can see on the url where I put it (, the template is completely empty and very ugly according to my own taste.

Is it normal or did I install it incorrectly?

By choosing the complete installation by your services at $ 50, will I have the template as in the “live preview” that I could then use as a base?

I ask this second question for the complete installation by your services because it is specified “You get WordPress, your theme, its content demo (where supplied)”, but how to know if it is provided for this theme …

Thank you very much in advance for your help,

It’s only because the demo content seems to not have even installed yet and the various theme setup steps.

The theme comes with documentation which will explain how to do it, or alternatively there are many providers at who can do it for you

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Exact, thanks you so much for you help !



Most themes come with an option to import demo, check if your theme has such option.

I can also help you with theme import, you can contact me here