My Birthday Day is today 6 july and my first aproval


I start two years ago mostly 6 months ago.
I would like to thank you all.
My first item has been approved and i’m very happy. :smiley:
Thank you and wish me good luck.

Don’t give up to all who trying compose and achieve the goal.
Faith and hope.


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Happy birthday, but self promotion is not allowed in the forum, not even in your birthday. :wink::joy:


Happy birthday! And congrats with the first approval!


Happy Birthday :birthday: and best of luck to you for sales!


Thank you!:slight_smile:


Thank you::grinning::musical_note:


Happy Birthday My Friend


Thank You!
Now I’m looking to collaborate with VideoHive authors.


Jacek - to jak urodziny i sukcesy to ja się pytam gdzie jest wóda :slight_smile: