My beautiful “Landing Page” was “Hard Rejected” - Please Help!!!

Hello world, we recently created a template that has received “Hard Reject”.
Good people please help me with some advices.

Click here to view the template here.

Thank you in advance!

Your link doesn’t work, try to insert it again.

OMG. I put without http:// :slight_smile: Thank you bro !

Hi, I fixed my link, please come and give a feedback !!! Thx.

let’s start with your theme is not working properly (is not very responsive)

One more idea.

Are you using someone else page code here to advertise your landing page code.
I do not think they would allow you to use someone elses site code to advertise your code maybe? Not sure.

OMG, but we have tested it physical on few devices! And with “Developer tools”, and with “Responsive mode” in Firefox :frowning:

No, this is our original self made code, of course we used Bootstrap an jQuery.

Thx guys for the answers!!!