My avatar keep getting removed!

Why, Envato? Once my avatar was removed from the forum, I thought it was just a bug. But now I see it was removed again. And it is not something obscene, it is just my face, smiling.

Why do y’all keep removing my avatar? To quote a famous person “Sad!”

The avatar for the forums is pulled directly from your Market account. I don’t see any avatar on your Market account :smiley:

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I don’t know if the avatar is taken from there :slight_smile:
I use one avatar on the forums and another one on my market account.

Discourse pulls avatar images from various places. I believe it looks at Market first, then it will pull from Gravatar or a custom avatar in your forum settings. Sometimes it’s a bit of a mystery which avatar will be the default one :stuck_out_tongue:

And still deleted my avatar. Fix the avatar system.

I think your avatar on Market overrides the custom avatar you upload to the forums. You’ll need to upload your avatar to Market first or use Gravatar as @greenline does. :smiley: