My author is not answering me!

Hello guys,

First of all accept my apologies for my broken english.

I bought a theme for Prestashop in themeforrest a week ago

But Theme is full of bugs, for an example I can’t even reach “mega menu” or something.
I asked for help but my author is not giving any answer.

What should i do ?

How long ago did you ask for help?

Did you use their proper support channel?

What’s the item link?

It’s been 5 day. they haven’t found any solution for my problems.
For an example
+We can’t reach “Mega Menu” if i use Php 7.2 i am getting
" 503

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily busy, try again later!"

If i change Php version to 7.1
then we are getting

“Http 500 error”

+I bought this theme bc Visual Composer in it. but it’s not looking activated. that’s why i can’t organize my header, footer … etc"

I used “Contact with author” option in their market link

Here is their item link

The server issues is almost always an issue related to the hosting rather than the theme.

Their support link is via here

They seem to reply to comments very quickly so maybe post there?

The plugin activation is normal and not an issue - the plugin still works, but bundled plugins cannot be ‘activated’ to access things like auto updates etc.

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Any solution? I don’t know what to do

Read our reply above!

You could find additional information on the documentation if the item requires different configuration details. Although, you should be able to manage the content by on your own. Authors are not entitled to teach you how to use the themes and/or installations if this is your case.