My article has been hard rejected, can someone help me understand why? no explanations are given

Hello guys, yesterday, 6 hours ago more or less, I had sent my article for review, I made sure everything was perfect, title, tags, description, inline display, screenshots, everything. However, today 6 hours later, I find an email in my inbox, indicating that my article was hard rejected.

As you can see, it explicitly tells me that I will not be able to send this article again, so I wonder, if they tell me that I did wrong and I correct it, will I be able to send it again, or there is nothing to do?

I will leave you the link of the demo:


  • Administrator:
    User: Admin
    Password: 12345678
  • Moderator:
    User: Moderator
    Password: 12345678
  • Normal user
    User: User
    Password: 12345678

Inline Preview:

banner I use in the HTML description:

The truth is I find him very discouraged, after so much effort and work, for a little more than 3 years, the reviewer only took a moment to reject my article harshly and I don’t know why, they don’t explain it in the mail, please I hope someone can you help me and tell me what I could have done wrong, the truth is I am very discouraged. I hope you can help me figure out what I did wrong, I am attentive to your comments :frowning:

Note: I do not think it is because of the similarity to YouTube, since this is the purpose, although I have designed everything myself, without incurring in bad practices or simply copying. In the envato market I have already seen several similar articles that are for sale such as Playtubescript or Upflix, there is even one more called Playtubevideoscript, so I don’t understand what the reason is, please help me understand.

Far too close to ripping off YouTube

Changing red to blue is not enough to think it is unique

I understand, however, if you check the HTML or Javascript code since it is the only thing I can see there, it is not even close to YouTube, I have followed your comments in other threads and have also made these observations to other authors, which previously have already been accepted, with their YouTube-like scripts, so is YouTube-likeness a problem?

Different code is irrelevant - you still cannot copy the design/front end/UI of the most famous video network in the world - everything Google own is entirely copyrighted

Plus, with respect, yours is not just a likeness - in many areas it is borderline identical

Ok, I’m here to receive a feedback and see if it is possible to correct what is wrong and resubmit it, so I will continue to hear more opinions, but I appreciate your time and your opinion charlie4282 is always welcome, so, is it possible that I can Send it again if I correct what is wrong, or there is nothing to do?

If you were hard rejected (sounds like it) then you would need to revolutionise it to the point of being almost a new item before you try and resubmit it. Making small updates will not be enough

I understand, it’s a pretty daunting scenario after so much effort, but I can do it, if that’s the only option, I will. I appreciate the help charlie4282, as always attentive to the community, I hope the next time I am here is to celebrate my first approved article, wish me luck.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

May be Design copyright issue that’s why reviewer don’t want approve but you can get better answer from reviewer, just upload again same product with same description. And ask in comment section about last time item reject, provide valid reason so next time I can improve product.

Best of luck :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

I did

Maybe yonamdev, unfortunately they have not told me what the problem is, that’s why they keep me in the air, I have followed your advice, thank you very much, I have kindly re-sent the article asking for an explanation so as not to make this mistake twice, I will wait for a response from envato, thanks :crossed_fingers: :roll_eyes:

This is a fast track way to be banned and very very dangerous. It is very clear in the rejection that you cannot resubmit the item without significant improvement

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I get it charlie4282, however if I don’t know what they need me to improve in order for them to accept me or that I can continue with the review process, I cannot make this significant improvement, I would be shooting into the air, they and only they can tell me what I did wrong and thus be able to correct it. As yonamdev tells me in good faith, he already tried and it seems that it worked for him, they told him what he did wrong, I hope they can also give me answers.

As always, I appreciate your help charlie4282, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yes reviewer team is very good if you ask them about last time rejection then they will explain why they reject it. I tried for my few code script they rejected so i again submit same script without doing any changes and asked about last rejection and told them I will fix it. They explain and reject again :joy: but i fixed issue and next time again submited and then they approved :slightly_smiling_face:

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:relieved: Yes, I agree, they sure are very good. I have done what you advised and sent it 2 days ago, now the shipment no longer appears as “queued for review” now it appears “Temporarily held for further review” more than 1 day ago, it seems this time they are taking their time to review what is wrong, hope to hear from them soon.

I really appreciate your help, they are an incredible community, I hope to be part as an author soon, wish me much better luck :relieved: :crossed_fingers: