My app has been rejected, can you help me?

“Hey there! Some Notes: I will need you to significantly improve the UI of the application. It looks too barebones right now. I’m not asking for utter sophistication, just acceptable levels of refinement. If this were a class or a snippet, I wouldn’t mind if it had a bad looking demo but since this is a complete system I have to take every facet of it into account”

Hello, what do I need to change, I really don’t know what to do. A theme or language option or something? Can you help me?:pensive:

Home screen preview;

Black text in red background looks very bad. You can look at other approved items in codecanyon. I hope, you will get very good idea.

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Thank you so much. You made me really happy, I’m interested right away.:relaxed::relaxed:.

hi, can you please have a look through this issue Need help to be approved a rejection item

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