My "Anonymous Avatar Silhouette Profile View Male" vector set was rejected

My “Anonymous Avatar Silhouette Profile View Male” vector set was rejected, as well as three other sets (Anony. Ava. Silh. Front Face Male and Female and Anony. Ava. Silh. Profile View Female), has been rejected. I only got information that “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,". Many thanks in advance for some of your suggestions.

hi i have a little bit trouble to understand what is the concept , is this a whole “presentation” or just the avatar only?

I’ll be honest, these arent very appealing avatars, and many of them are so abstract that they lose their human feature. The best approach would be making them all as contour lines that follow the shape of the head, rather than just taking an outline and stepping it up/down, which of course takes much more effort, but will probably be worth it.

The presentation is also very lacking. The presentation is meant to be eye catching and help reinforce your item as something that people will want to buy, right now it looks unfinished. I understand that you’re recreating the layout of a Facebook profile, but it looks very boring, add some colours, and design some actual UI to make it look like a legit social media platform, but still be sure to bring most of the attention to the avatars.

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Many thanks for the feedback, n2n44.
Yes, it should be just a presentation.
Actually, this looks like a preview image, with views of the avatars from the collection.

Many thanks for the feedback, XioxGraphix.
My intention was to use only a silhouette, and the truth is that the front view looks a little alien. My intention was also to show the possibility of creating a Facebook profile
and for that reason, it remained as a working version. I agree that it looks boring.
Thanks a lot

hi i asked u in the first place as this was not clear if the presentation was supposed to be part of the “sold item” or not … but in any case, in both cases, to be honest, sorry to say just this by the way, neither the avatar nor the presentation are looking good and attractive … most of avatars are not that working and some of them do not get the job done so to speak. People here are considering things in a rather small size too and a thing made of line is already a problem for this matter. In addition , your presentation is not helping in any regard as there is no color, typo is very basic to say the least and there is sort of no hierarchy whatsoever too , so basically , in the end , u have nothing popping out at all and this is logically thus “not selling”

What can I say, if it’s not clear if the presentation contains things for sale, I made a big mistake!
An honest comment is always a very valuable thing.
I must admit that I am very pleased with the profile view of the avatars, and front face version to pass along the main. Reduced, line-art interpretation, despite the abundance usually interpreted avatars, I thought that it makes sense. I’m starting to doubt, did I create them for the gallery wall, or for the market! lol
With the observations, I have to agree. Faced with the problem of poor visibility, and with so many thin and densely lines, and due to the acceptable increases of the avatars, I’ve run into a problem. The absence of color and simple typography I thought it fit into the design of the avatars. After all, I made a big mistake. I’ll try to fix the presentation, I wonder if there will be more acceptable avatars then. I still do not know in what direction to go but exercise will be useful.
Thanks for the constructive comments!

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u have a positive attitude and i think it will help u to take your game to the next level, keep all what we said in mind for the next projects :slight_smile: