My all the extensions and Plugin are deleted which i have made available on Code canyon. They are now deleted. :( How can i recover them back,

My Code canyon evato market plugins are deleted , a person who was angry and knows my credntials of code canyon, deleted my all passed extension.

Now i am helpless and for saferside i have changes my login details. But looses all my extension and plugin. Any idea how i can recover them back. As it is very important for me to get them back. Any last backup of my extension by the team evanto market.

I’d recommend activating immediately the two factor authentication as explained here:

Then, you should also contact support regarding your items:
Envato Help and Support

Thanks and its being a 10 days that my extension are deleted and now i focusing them to pass them again, is that possible to get them back?

I don’t know that, only the Envato Support&Help team has access to your accounts and items, that is why I strongly suggest contacting them.

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ok thanks alot.

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