My album release: "Memories in Time" - a collection of piano tracks

Hello everyone!
It has been some time that I don’t publish my music on Audiojungle… I was busy in other stuff and I also needed time to complete my latest project.

I have just release a collection of delicate and intimate piano tracks, realized in the latest 10-15 years.
The music reflects moods, experiences, memories, travels, and generally my life during this time span.
All the tracks are based on piano and sometimes I also added cello, violin, string section and some background sounds. I would say that the compositions reflect the style of Einaudi or Yruma.
You can listen on bandcamp:

01 Golden hour
02 Listening moments
03 Midsummer grace
04 Interludio - Sunrise
05 Romantic Dreams
06 A timelapse of memories
07 Interludio - Noon
08 Postcard from summer
09 Minimalism
10 White elegance
11 interludio - Sunset
12 Nostalgie
13 Dune wildflowers
14 Shimmering Waves
15 Interludio - Midnight
16 In viaggio
17 Fireflies dancing

Very nice! You actually played the piano?

sounds good ;]

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Well… In part!
I’m not so skilled to play as I recorded, there is a lot ofodo editing! :sweat_smile:

Let’s say I had the songs in mind and the computer helped me to render it!