My After Effect Project was rejected. What's New!

Hello everyone, why may my first project be canceled?
I need to add a new watermark. What else should I do?

Would you like to give information? Thank you.

If your effect is rejected, you’ll also be notified. Review our Community Standards or Community Guidelines, review policies and Spark AR and Frame Studio Terms, edit your effect in Spark AR Studio and submit it again official site

Thanks for your answer. Can you explain that a little bit? I couldn’t fully understand.

Hi. Your project is totally focused on the Instagram logo. It´s not a project that many people can use with their own logos, I think that´s the main reason for rejection. Besides, there are tons of these simple logos already on Videohive, and yours doesn´t bring anything new to get an approval, in my opinion.


Thank you for your feedback and help. Would it make sense to post only as an Instagram popup logo?

If you do that, the category would be Motion Graphics, but if I were you I’d try to make a template to be used with any logo.

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